The Ultimate Guide on Where to Connect and Grow Voice Acting Community

As a voice star, it can be easy to get shed in the day-to-day grind of tryouts, recording sessions, as well as editing and enhancing. However, among one of the most vital facets of an effective voice acting career is constructing as well as growing your community. In this ultimate overview, I'll share tips as well as resources for getting in touch with various other voice actors, industry professionals, and also followers, and growing your voice acting community.

Introduction to the Voice Acting Community

The voice acting community is a vivid as well as varied group of individuals that share an interest for bringing characters to life through their voices. From computer animation and video games to audiobooks and also commercials, voice actors play a crucial duty in the entertainment industry.

Among the unique elements of the voice acting community is the feeling of sociability and support that exists amongst its participants. Whether you're a skilled pro or just starting, there are constantly possibilities to connect with other voice actors and pick up from their experiences.

The Importance of Connecting and Growing Your Community

Building and also growing your voice acting community is important for numerous reasons. Initially, it can aid you remain determined and influenced in your work. Being part of an encouraging community can offer you with the encouragement and also feedback you require to maintain pushing yourself to enhance.

Second, getting in touch with various other voice actors can lead to beneficial networking opportunities. You never know when a fellow actor may recommend you for a job or present you to a sector professional that can aid progress your career.

Lastly, growing your community can aid you broaden your reach and also fanbase. By connecting with various other actors and industry professionals, you can take advantage of brand-new audiences and possibilities that you could not have or else discovered.

Where to Find Voice Acting Communities Online

Among the simplest means to get in touch with various other voice actors is with online communities. There are numerous web sites and online forums committed to voice acting, including: 

Among the largest online industries for voice actors, additionally supplies a community forum where actors can connect and also share info.


In addition to audition listings, Backstage likewise features a community online forum where voice actors can link and also review industry information and also patterns.

Voice Acting Club

This on the internet community supplies resources, forums, as well as networking opportunities for voice actors of all levels.

Along with these bigger areas, there are also many Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups dedicated to voice acting. Do a quick search on these platforms and you make certain to find numerous teams that fit your interests and also requirements.

How to Network with Other Voice Actors

Once you've discovered some online communities to join, it's time to begin networking. Right here are a few tips to assist you take advantage of your connections:

Introduce yourself 

When you sign up with a brand-new community, take a moment to introduce on your own and also let others recognize what you do. Make certain to include a web link to your demonstration reel or website so others can check out your work.

Participate in discussions 

Do not be afraid to jump into discussions as well as use your ideas and opinions. This is a fantastic means to show others your experience as well as be familiar with them better.

Offer to collaborate 

If you listen to one more actor whose voice enhances yours, reach out and offer to team up on a task. This can be an excellent means to construct your skills and also develop brand-new links.

Attend meetups and events - 

Several online communities additionally hold in-person meetups as well as events. Go to these whenever feasible to connect with various other actors and industry professionals face-to-face.

Building Relationships with Industry Professionals

While connecting with various other stars is essential, it's also important to get in touch with industry professionals that can aid progress your profession. Right here are a couple of tips for building relationships with representatives, casting supervisors, and other industry professionals:

Do your research 

Prior to connecting to an industry professional, do your research. Research their history as well as experience, and make sure you know with their work.

Offer value 

When you do connect, make certain you have something of value to supply. This might be a trial reel, an unique voice or ability, or a detailed project you wish to collaborate on.

Keep in touch 

As soon as you've made a link, it is necessary to communicate. Send periodic updates on your job and let them recognize if you're available for new tasks.

Be patient 

Building relationships with industry professionals requires time and persistence. Don't be prevented if you don't see immediate results - maintain working with your craft and developing your network.

Collaborating with Other Voice Actors

Teaming up with various other voice actors can be an excellent way to build your skills as well as create new connections. Here are a few tips for effective cooperation:

Be clear about expectations 

Before beginning a collaboration, ensure everyone gets on the exact same page regarding expectations and goals.

Communicate effectively 

Great interaction is vital to any kind of successful collaboration. Make certain to establish an interaction plan and also stick to it.

Be open to feedback 

Teaming up with others indicates opening yourself up to feedback and also objection. Be receptive to constructive feedback and use it to enhance your abilities.

Give credit where credit is due 

When the collaboration is total, make sure to offer credit to every person included. This will certainly assist construct a good reputation and also urge future collaborations.

Using Social Media to Connect with Your Community

When the collaboration is total, make sure to offer credit to every person included. This will certainly assist construct a good reputation and also urge future collaborations.

Choose the right platforms

There are dozens of social media systems around, yet not all of them are best for voice actors. Concentrate on platforms that are prominent in the show business, such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Engage with your followers 

Do not just upload material and leave - involve with your followers by reacting to remarks and messages.

Share your work 

Social media is a wonderful location to showcase your work as well as build your brand name. Share clips from your latest projects and also promote your trial reel or web site.

Use hashtags 

Hashtags can aid your content reach a bigger target market. Use hashtags that are relevant to your market and specific niche to boost presence.

Attending Voice Acting Events and Conventions

Participating in voice acting events and also conventions can be a wonderful way to connect with other actors and industry professionals and also stay up-to-date on the current trends as well as technologies. Right here are a couple of tips for taking advantage of these events:

Plan ahead 

Before going to an event, research the schedule and also strategy which sessions and panels you intend to attend.

Bring business cards 

Make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out to various other guests and industry professionals.

Be social 

Do not be afraid to strike up discussions with other guests and industry professionals. You never recognize that you may fulfill!

Take notes 

Throughout sessions as well as panels, keep in mind on vital takeaways and also understandings. This will help you remember what you learned as well as use it to your job.

Resources for Growing Your Voice Acting Community

Along with the tips and strategies described in this guide, there are numerous resources offered to assist you grow your voice acting community. Here are a couple of to have a look at:

The Voice Acting Club

In addition to its online community, The Voice Acting Club also uses resources as well as tools for voice actors, consisting of a directory site of agents and also casting directors.

The Voice Over Resource Guide 

This thorough overview includes a directory site of agents, casting directors, as well as studios, as well as posts and advice on constructing your profession.

The VO Radio Show 

This podcast as well as radio show functions interviews with voice actors and industry professionals, as well as information and updates on the sector.


Structure and also growing your voice acting community is a vital part of a successful career. By connecting with various other voice actors, industry professionals, as well as fans, you can remain motivated, broaden your reach, and also discover brand-new opportunities. Utilize the tips and also resources in this overview to begin building your community today!


Q: Where can I find online communities for voice actors?

A: Online communities for voice actors can be found on platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, dedicated voice acting forums, and social media platforms. These communities offer opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate with fellow voice actors.

Q: Are there voice acting conventions or conferences where I can network with other professionals?

A: Yes, there are voice acting conventions and conferences that provide excellent networking opportunities. Events like VO Atlanta, Anime Expo, and Comic-Con often have panels, workshops, and networking sessions specifically for voice actors.

Q: How can voice acting workshops and classes help me grow in the industry?

A: Voice acting workshops and classes offer valuable learning experiences, where you can enhance your skills, learn new techniques, and receive feedback from industry professionals. These opportunities also allow you to connect with other voice actors and build relationships within the community.

Q: Are there any online platforms for voice actors to collaborate on projects?

A: Yes, there are online platforms that facilitate collaboration among voice actors. Websites like Casting Call Club,, and Behind The Voice Actors have sections dedicated to posting and finding voice acting projects, enabling voice actors to connect and collaborate on various projects.

Q: Can social media be useful for connecting with the voice acting community?

A: Absolutely! Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be useful for connecting with the voice acting community. Follow industry professionals, join relevant hashtags, participate in discussions, and share your work to network and engage with other voice actors.


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