The Ultimate Guide to Shock Mounts for Microphones: How to Choose

As a professional in the audio industry, I have seen many individuals take too lightly the relevance of shock mounts. Nonetheless, they are a vital part of your microphone configuration. In this overview, I will clarify what a shock place is and also why you need one. We will certainly explore the different sorts of shock mounts, and also I will certainly provide suggestions on how to select the best shock mounts for microphones. By the end of this guide, you will have a clear understanding of shock mounts and their importance in your microphone configuration.

What is a Shock Mount?

A shock mount is a mechanism that isolates your microphone from vibrations as well as shocks. It is a tool that suspends your microphone in a cradle, which absorbs any type of vibrations as well as stops them from reaching your microphone. A shock install is generally composed of elastic cords that hold your microphone in place. It is a must-have device for any person who wants to accomplish high-quality sound recordings.

Why Do You Need a Shock Mount?

As discussed previously, a shock install isolates your microphone from vibrations as well as shocks. Vibrations can originate from numerous sources, such as footsteps, cooling, and web traffic noise. When these vibrations reach your microphone, they can create unwanted noise in your recordings. This sound can be distracting as well as make your recordings seem less than professional. A shock mount prevents these vibrations from reaching your microphone, leading to cleaner and also clearer recordings.

Another reason why you need a shock install is that it can expand the life of your microphone. Microphones are delicate instruments that can conveniently be harmed by vibrations as well as shocks. A shock install secures your microphone from these damaging components, making certain that it lasts longer and executes better.

Types of Shock Mounts

There are various kinds of shock mounts readily available on the market. Each kind offers a distinct set of features and advantages. Below are one of the most usual sorts of shock mounts:

Elastic Suspensions

Elastic suspensions are one of the most usual kind of shock mount. They are composed of elastic cords that suspend your microphone in a cradle. These cables absorb any vibrations and avoid them from reaching your microphone. Elastic suspensions are economical, functional, and efficient. They are suitable for a lot of microphones and can be made use of in a variety of recording scenarios.

Rubber Suspensions

Rubber suspensions are one more kind of shock mount. They utilize rubber bands to suspend your microphone in a cradle. Rubber suspensions are much more rigid than flexible suspensions, which suggests they use better seclusion from vibrations. They are ideal for recording circumstances where there is a lot of low-frequency noise, such as bass-heavy songs or website traffic sound.

Softie Mounts

Softie mounts are a kind of shock mount that utilizes a soft, foam-like material to separate your microphone from vibrations. They are commonly utilized with shotgun microphones as well as are suitable for outdoor recording situations. Softie installs are light-weight, simple to use, and also extremely reliable. They are additionally weather-resistant, that makes them optimal for outdoor usage.

How to Choose the Right Shock Mount for Your Microphone

Choosing the ideal shock install for your microphone can be an overwhelming job, especially if you are brand-new to the audio industry. Right here are some variables to think about when choosing a shock place:

Microphone Size

The size of your microphone is a necessary variable to consider when choosing a shock place. Ensure you select a shock mount that works with your microphone's size. The majority of shock mounts included adjustable cradles that can fit different microphone sizes.

Microphone Weight

The weight of your microphone is one more essential aspect to take into consideration. Ensure you select a shock install that can support the weight of your microphone. If your microphone is too hefty, it can cause the elastic cords to extend way too much, which can affect the shock mount's performance.

Recording Environment

Think about the environment in which you will certainly be recording. If you are recording in a studio, an elastic suspension shock mount might appropriate. If you are recording outdoors, a softie place may be a far better option. If you are recording in a noisy environment, a rubber suspension shock mount might be the most effective choice.


Shock mounts can be found in different price arrays. Consider your budget when picking a shock place. Although the most pricey shock mounts deal much better features as well as advantages, there are economical shock mounts that can provide superb results.

Top-Rated Shock Mounts for Different Microphones

Here are some top-rated shock mounts for different microphone types:

Elastic Suspension Shock Mounts

Rubber Suspension Shock Mounts

Softie Mounts

How to Install a Shock Mount

Installing a shock mount is a straightforward process. Here's how to do it:

  • Installing a shock mount is a straightforward procedure. Below's how to do it:
  • Connect the shock install to your microphone stand or boom arm.
  • Readjust the cradle to fit your microphone dimension.
  • Place your microphone in the cradle.
  • Adjust the elastic cords or rubber bands to guarantee your microphone is firmly held in location.
  • Change the shock install's angle and also setting to achieve the desired recording angle.

Maintaining Your Shock Mount

Maintaining your shock place is essential to guarantee it continues to work successfully. Below are some tips for maintaining your shock install:

  • Clean your shock install consistently to get rid of any kind of dirt and also debris that may affect its efficiency.
  • Replace any type of worn-out elastic cords or rubber bands.
  • Shop your shock mount in a completely dry as well as refuge when not being used.
  • Adhere to the maker's directions for cleansing and upkeep.

Conclusion: Why a Shock Mount is Essential for Your Microphone Setup

A shock mount is a crucial element of your microphone setup. It isolates your microphone from vibrations and shocks, guaranteeing that your recordings are clean, clear, and also professional. There are different kinds of shock mounts offered, each with its very own collection of attributes and advantages. When picking a shock mount, take into consideration variables such as microphone dimension, weight, recording environment, as well as budget. With the ideal shock install, you can achieve top notch sound recordings that stick out from the crowd.

So, if you wish to enhance your sound recordings, buy a shock place today. You will not regret it!


Q: What is a shock mount for a microphone?

A: A shock mount for a microphone is a device used to isolate the microphone from vibrations and mechanical noise. It typically consists of a cradle that holds the microphone and a series of elastic bands or springs that absorb any unwanted noise or vibrations.

Q: How does a shock mount work?

A: A shock mount works by isolating the microphone from vibrations and noise that could otherwise impact the quality of the recording. The elastic bands or springs in the shock mount absorb any mechanical vibrations that might be transferred from the microphone stand or the surface that the microphone is placed on. This results in a cleaner, clearer recording with less unwanted noise.

Q: What are the benefits of using a shock mount for a microphone?

A: The primary benefit of using a shock mount for a microphone is that it improves the quality of the recording by reducing unwanted noise and vibrations. This is especially important when recording in a noisy environment or when handling the microphone during a recording. Additionally, a shock mount can help to protect the microphone from damage caused by vibrations and handling.

Q: What types of microphones can be used with a shock mount?

A: Most shock mounts are designed to be used with condenser microphones, which are commonly used for voiceovers, podcasts, and music recordings. However, there are also shock mounts available that can be used with dynamic microphones and other types of microphones.

Q: Are shock mounts compatible with boom arms?

A: Yes, shock mounts are typically designed to be used with boom arms and microphone stands. They can be easily attached to a boom arm or stand using the standard threading on the bottom of the mount.

Q: How do I choose the right shock mount for my microphone?

A: When choosing a shock mount for your microphone, it's important to consider the size and weight of your microphone. Make sure that the shock mount you choose is designed to fit your specific microphone and can support its weight. You may also want to consider the level of noise reduction that you need, as some shock mounts are designed to be more effective than others.

Q: How much do shock mounts for microphones cost?

A: The cost of a shock mount for a microphone can vary depending on the brand, quality, and features of the device. Prices can range from around $20 to over $100. It's important to choose a shock mount that fits your budget while still providing the level of noise reduction and protection that you need for your microphone.


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