Fun Facts and Memories of Richard Epcar

Raiden, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, and Joseph Joestar have all been voiced by Richard Epcar.

Fun Facts & Trivia:

  • Anime series such as Transformers R.I.D., Samurai X, Digimon, Eagle-Riders, and Teknoman are among the most popular.
  • In Transformers R.I.D., he auditioned for the role of Optimus Prime.
  • He was sent to Norway by Dream Works to dub The Road to El Dorado and Chicken Run into Polish.
  • Since the 1980s, he has been a Transformers fan.
  • Robotech was his first voice role. Harmony Gold made the V.A.s stay up all night recording, he recalls. He's astounded that Robotech is still a popular anime series.
  • Comedy, dialects and accents, drums, horses, impersonations, most sports, singing, some martial arts, and stage combat are among his skills and abilities.
  • He is Ellyn Stern's husband.

Memories of Richard:

(On how he became a voice actor.) "At the time, my girlfriend, Ellyn Stern, was asked to audition for a voice in a movie that was being dubbed into English. She inquired of the producer if I could accompany her. When I arrived, the director asked if I had ever done work like this before, as it is very specialized and I am a struggling actor. "Yes," I replied. It all worked out in the end because I landed the lead role and a foot in the door. Thank you very much, Honey."

(On how he came to be a part of Transformers R.I.D.) "It's amusing. When I was pretty young, I was a big fan of Transformers. This is the series' fourth incarnation in the United States. As I previously stated, I have done a lot of work for Saban/Fox, producing this version. Tom Wyner is to thank, though, because the producer asked him who he thought should write the show, and Tom suggested me. Thank you very much, Tom."

(On Transformers R.I.D.'s Armorhide) "He's a committed soldier who enjoys his work. He's on the wrong team, by the way. He would fight just as hard if he were on the other side. He doesn't seem to care if he's on the right side or the wrong side; he simply obeys orders and does his best, and he enjoys blowing things up."

(On writing & Acting) "I think that the fact that I'm an actor is beneficial to my writing. The fact that I'm on the other side of the mike makes me understand a lot more about what goes on, how things are done, characterization, dialogue, performance, and so on than the normal writer, who hasn't experienced these things. The fact that I'm an actor-writer-director helps because it affects and impacts a project on many levels, making it more dimensional and layered. I also feel that as a writer and director, I can relate better to the actor, being one myself."