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Strawberry Hill Studio Presents: Samurais of Sound

Elevate Your Voice Acting Craft

Step into our Voice Acting Realm, where tradition meets innovation. Harness the discipline and strength of a samurai as you embark on a transformative journey to voice acting mastery. Unite with fellow Sound Samurais and unlock unparalleled training experiences.

Trained by the Samurai Masters of Sound

At Strawberry Hill, we blend the discipline of ancient samurais with modern voice acting expertise. Our workshops are more than just lessons; they're stepping stones to excellence. With us, you don't just learn; you transform, harnessing the power of voice to captivate audiences. Step into a realm where tradition meets innovation, and let your voice be heard.

Voice Acting Veterans

Over 25 years dominating the voice-over landscape.

Global Footprint

From the heart of Japan's artistry to North America's dynamic scene.

Powerhouse Collective

Voice Actors, composers, sound designers, and more, all under one roof.

Anime & Gaming Wizards

A legacy crafted in the realms of iconic series and epic titles.

Multimedia Mastery

Excelling in film, TV, and the broader digital media spectrum.

Creativity Unchained

Where innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs ignite sonic brilliance.

Meet the Voices Behind Iconic Characters!

Our educators have voiced legends. With their guidance, you'll be equipped to master the voice-over realm and emerge as a true Samurai of Sound.

A woman in a black jacket smiles at the camera.
A woman wearing a black shirt and a lanyard around her neck.
A close up of a person wearing a blue shirt.
A woman with grey hair sitting in front of a microphone.
A woman standing in front of a group of anime characters.

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Voice Actor and Director for Naruto, Tekken, Silent Hill.

A woman in a black leather jacket standing in front of a group of anime characters.

Morgan Berry

Voice Actor for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Tokyo Ghoul, Pokemon, One Piece.

A man in a suit and tie next to a group of animated characters.

Richard Epcar

Voice Actor for Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, Mortal Kombat, Macross Plus, Tekken.

A woman with white hair and a bunch of anime pictures.

Kira Buckland

Voice Actor for Nier: Automata, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Soulcalibur, Code Vein.

Powerful Collaborations, Proven Impact!

With the seal of approval from industry powerhouses, you're not just learning; you're stepping into a legacy of excellence. Elevate your voice-over journey with us

Discover the 'Samurais of Sound' Difference in Our Workshops

Dive into our 'Samurais of Sound' workshops, a haven where the art of voice acting is elevated. Whether you're delving into Character & Commercial Voice Over or tuning into Music & Audio Production, every session is a step closer to mastery.

Struggling to Nail That Audition?

Don't be lost in the sea of voices. Stand out, make connections, and grab those roles you're destined for!

A woman with headphones on in front of a microphone.
Unlock Premier Voice Acting Training & Exclusive Opportunities

Your Path to Voice Over Mastery Awaits!

At Strawberry Hill Studio, home of the "Samurais of Sound" , we're committed to helping you succeed as a voice actor. Join our community today and start enjoying these exclusive benefits and discounts that will take your career to the next level!

Workshop Vault

Unlock our workshop vault and gain access to our archive of previously recorded workshops, which is refreshed monthly.

Voice-Over Workouts

Join our regular voice-over workout group hosted by Dorian Lockett and improve your skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Workshop Discounts

SHS Members receive a 30% discount on all of our workshops, helping you save money while investing in your career.

Exclusive Events

Receive access to our exclusive invitation-only online and in-person mixers, where you can network with other voice actors and industry professionals.

Samurais of Sound Community Hub

Enjoy free access to "Samurais of Sound Community Hub" our recurring Q&A workshop with Austin Coffee, our in-house engineer, and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Reel Critique / Production

SHS members are eligible for one voice-over reel critique and receive a 20% discount on our demo reel production packages, helping you create a standout demo reel.

Gear Discounts

SHS Members enjoy exclusive discounts on audio gear from Sweetwater, making it more affordable to set up your home studio.

...and More!

We're always working to add more benefits to the SHS membership, so stay tuned for even more opportunities to grow your voice acting career.

hero character flying in mid air

Secure Your Spot & Save on Premier Workshops

Dive into Strawberry Hill's membership and grab exclusive discounts on industry-leading workshops.

$37.00 /per month
Monthly Membership
Get instant access to workshops, benefits, and exclusive discounts.
$365 /yearly
Yearly Membership
Enjoy all monthly perks with a special rate, plus an extra voice-over reel critique.

Hear the Echoes of Our Samurai Legends!

From humble beginnings to conquering leading roles – discover the voice-over journeys of our distinguished Samurais of Sound alumni.

So glad I found Strawberry Hill Studio, my new favorite voice over community, where I get to network with professionals and other voice over talents!

A black and white photo of a smiling woman.

Aude Foisy

Voice Actor

I've learned some very useful things and it's a wonderful break from YouTube. These are college level classes taught by experts. I highly recommend.

A black and white photo of a man.

Dorian Lockett

Voice Actor

Other than helping to strengthen our crafts, Strawberry Hill Studio has provided an amazing community of creatives to connect and build relationships with...

A black and white photo of a woman wearing a hat.

Kristine Reyes

Voice Actor

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The Visionary Behind Strawberry Hill!

At the heart of Strawberry Hill Studio stands Raj – a passionate dreamer and an industry stalwart. Recognizing the need for a dedicated platform for voice over and sound design enthusiasts, Raj founded Strawberry Hill Studio. His commitment to excellence doesn’t end there. With Strawberry Hill Music, he brought together a symphony of sound designers, voice actors, and music composers, working with giants like EA, Sony, and Bandai.

Every workshop, every master-level course, and every piece of audio magic resonates with Raj’s foundational belief: that within a nurturing, expertly-guided environment, greatness isn’t just possible; it's guaranteed. Join us in experiencing the world Raj envisioned - where creativity knows no bounds, and every voice finds its perfect pitch.

The Gold Standard in Voice-Over Mastery!

Choosing Strawberry Hill Studio isn't just an investment in training; it's stepping into the arena with the best. Here's why we're the unmatched choice:

Guided by Visionary Leadership: At the helm, Raj's visionary leadership transforms raw passion into an unmatched platform of voice-over excellence.

Unwavering Commitment to Mastery: Regular sessions designed to sharpen your skills, ensuring you stand out and excel in an ever-competitive arena.

Holistic Growth Approach: We don't just teach voice. From character voice-over to sound design nuances, our courses ensure you grasp every facet of the industry.

A Path of Honor & Respect: Inspired by the discipline and ethics of the samurai, our training instills in you the warrior spirit, enabling you to navigate the voice acting world with unwavering integrity.

Networking with the Elite: Our exclusive, invite-only mixers in global entertainment hubs pave your path directly to the industry's heart.

Tailored Growth Resources: Benefit from personalized insights, including "Ask Austin Audio" sessions and reel critiques, catering to every dimension of your growth journey.

Your voice has potential. We have the proven formula to unlock it. Be the best, by learning from the best.

Step into Excellence

Your Path to Clarity

Got questions? We've distilled the most common queries about Strawberry Hill Studio and our offerings. Dive in for quick answers on your voice-over journey.

Where is Strawberry Hill Studio located?
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Strawberry Hill Studio is an online education-oriented service platform created by Strawberry Hill Music, an audio production company established by Raj Ramayya located in Novato, California, USA.

Are all of your workshops only available online?
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Strawberry Hill Studio is an online education-oriented service platform created by Strawberry Hill Music, an audio production company established by Raj Ramayya located in Novato, California, USA.

What if I purchased a ticket but cant attend the workshop in time?
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Strawberry Hill Studio is an online education-oriented service platform created by Strawberry Hill Music, an audio production company established by Raj Ramayya located in Novato, California, USA.

How do we attend the workshops?
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Strawberry Hill Studio is an online education-oriented service platform created by Strawberry Hill Music, an audio production company established by Raj Ramayya located in Novato, California, USA.

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