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Dorian Lockett

Hosts regular voice-over workouts for SHS members


Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Voice Actor and Director for Naruto, Tekken, Silent Hill.

Morgan Berry

Voice Actor for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Tokyo Ghoul, Pokemon, One Piece. 

Richard Epcar

Voice Actor for Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, Mortal Kombat, Macross Plus, Tekken.

Kira Buckland

Voice Actor for Nier: Automata, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Soulcalibur, Code Vein.

Mami Okada

Voice Actor and Casting Director for Ghost In The Shell, Demon Slayer, Gods Eater Bust.

Karen Strassman

Voice Actor for Samurai Champloo, Ghost In The Shell, Ergo Proxy, Gurren Lagann.

Akira Yamaoka

Composer for Silent Hill, Contra, Black Knight Sword, Rumble Roses, Killer Is Dead, The Medium.

Austin Coffee

In-House Audio Engineer for Strawberry Hill Studio and host of "Ask Austin Audio".

Austin Wintory

Composer for Journey, Abzû, The Pathless, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, The Banner Saga, Erica.

Casey Mongillo

Voice Actor for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokemon, Beyblade, Mob Psycho 100.

Dorian Lockett

Screen and Voice Actor for Pixar's Soul, The Walking Dead, Evolve, Lara Croft, NBA 2K series.

Ellyn Stern

Voice Actor and Director for Blue Dragon, Star Ocean, Bleach, Ghost In The Shell, Genma Wars.

Jamieson Price

Voice Actor for Monster Hunter, Persona, Mortal Kombat, Akira, Final Fantasy Advent Children.

Kevin Penkin

Composer for Made in Abyss, Tower of God, Necrobarista, Nostos, Norne9, Under The Dog.

Marissa Lenti

Voice Actor for Borderlands, Pokemon, Dragonball, Genshin Impact, Fairy Tail.

Raj Ramayya

Singer Songwriter for Cowboy Bebop, Resident Evil, Shenmue, Gungrave, Redline, Wolf's Rain.

Steve Conte

Singer Songwriter for Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, RahXephon, Ghost In The Shell.

Tom Taylorson

Voice Actor for Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat, Half-Life, Octodad, Bugsnax, Spider-Man.

Wendee Lee

Voice Actor and Director for Ninja Scroll, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Vampire Hunter D.

Will Roget II

Composer for Mortal Kombat 11, Call of Duty: WWII, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

Yasunori Nishiki

Composer and Arranger for Octopath Traveler, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3.

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