Keith David's Iconic Voice Acting Roles

Exploring Keith David's Iconic Voice Acting Roles

Keith David is an acclaimed actor and voice actor renowned for his deep baritone voice and impressive range. With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Keith David's voice can be heard on countless iconic characters from animation to video games, movies, television shows, commercials - just to name a few! In this blog article we'll take a closer look at Keith David's career in voice acting by exploring some of his most prominent roles as well as exploring his unique style.

Introduction to Keith David and His Voice Acting Career

Keith David was born on June 4, 1956 in Harlem, New York. After graduating from High School of the Performing Arts, he pursued acting at Juilliard School. His career started on stage but quickly blossomed into a successful film and television actor thanks to his deep, powerful voice which soon won him recognition and accolades.

David has lent his talents to a variety of roles in animation, video games, and movies. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of Keith David's most iconic voice acting roles, his unique voice, influence on popular culture, and accolades.

Keith David's Voice Acting Roles in Animation

Goliath - "Gargoyles"

One of David's most iconic voice acting roles is that of Goliath in "Gargoyles". Goliath is the leader of a clan of gargoyles who are frozen in stone during the day and come to life at night. David's deep, commanding voice is the perfect fit for this character, and he brings a sense of gravitas and strength to the role.

Dr. Facilier - "The Princess and the Frog"

In "The Princess and the Frog", David voices the villainous Dr. Facilier. Dr. Facilier is a voodoo practitioner who makes a deal with the film's protagonist, Tiana, in exchange for her help in his plans for power. David's performance as Dr. Facilier is both menacing and charismatic, and he brings a sense of danger to the character.

Spawn - "Spawn: The Animated Series"

David also provided the voice of Spawn in the animated series of the same name. Spawn is a superhero who is brought back from the dead and given supernatural powers. David's voice is perfect for this dark and brooding character, and he brings a sense of intensity and determination to the role.

The Arbiter - "Halo 2"

In the video game "Halo 2", David voices The Arbiter, a former enemy of the game's protagonist, Master Chief. The Arbiter serves as a key ally to Master Chief in the game's story, and David's performance brings a sense of honor and nobility to the character.

Keith David's Unique Voice

One of the things that makes Keith David's voice so iconic is its deep, resonant quality. His voice is both authoritative and soothing, and he has the ability to convey a wide range of emotions through his vocal performance.

Keith David's Voice Acting Roles in Video Games

Keith David has lent his iconic voice to a number of memorable video game characters, including his role as Spawn in Spawn: Armageddon, Captain Anderson in Mass Effect, The Arbiter in the Halo series, himself in Saints Row IV, Sergeant Foley in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Barret Wallace in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Omid in The Walking Dead: The Game, and Goliath in Gargoyles: The Video Game. Additionally, he has also played other notable video game roles such as Julius Little in Saints Row, and Dr. Alexei Petrovich in Red Faction II.

Keith David's Voice Acting Roles in Movies

Keith David began his career as a voice actor with his first notable role in the movie "The Thing." He later collaborated with Disney on projects such as "The Princess and the Frog" and "Hercules." David also contributed to the world of superhero movies with his performances in "Spawn" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," and made a mark in the video game industry with his work on "Halo" and "Mass Effect." In addition, he lent his powerful voice to various documentaries as a narrator, including "Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple" and "The War."

Analyzing Keith David's Voice Acting Style

Keith David's voice is powerful and distinctive, boasting both authoritative and emotive qualities. He can bring life and emotion to his characters, making them believable and captivating. Plus, with such a wide range of accents and dialects under one roof, Keith was even able to do impressions for the "Futurama" episode "The Prisoner of Benda," where he voiced several characters with different accents.

Keith David's Influence on Popular Culture

Keith David's voice acting has had an immense effect on popular culture. His iconic performances have become some of the most recognizable voices in entertainment, voiced beloved characters in animation, video games, movies, television shows and commercials alike. His inspirational performances continue to motivate generations of admirers - and will no doubt continue doing so for years to come.

Keith David's Voice Acting Awards and Accolades

Keith David's voice acting has earned him much praise and acclaim. He has been nominated for, and won multiple awards including an Emmy Award for his role in "The War." Additionally, his animation work has earned him several Annie Award nominations.


Keith David is one of the most accomplished and esteemed voice actors in the industry, having lent his distinctive voice to dozens of iconic characters from animation, video games, movies, television shows, and commercials. To Become voice actor as Keith David , Voice acting courses online can help in a great way. His powerful voice and impressive range have earned him much praise and acclaim; making his performances some of entertainment's most recognizable. An accomplished improviser as well, Keith David's performances are both authoritative and emotive. His work has had a major influence on popular culture - something which will continue for years to come.


Q: What are some of Keith David's most famous voice acting roles?

A: Some of Keith David's most famous voice acting roles include Goliath in "Gargoyles," Spawn in "Spawn," and the Arbiter in the "Halo" video game series.

Q: How did Keith David get started in voice acting?

A: Keith David began his career as a theater actor before transitioning to film and television. He eventually moved into voice acting and has since become one of the most recognizable and respected voice actors in the industry.

Q: What makes Keith David's voice so distinctive?

A: Keith David's voice is known for its deep, rich tone and commanding presence. He is able to convey a wide range of emotions and personalities with his voice, from heroic and noble to sinister and menacing.

Q: What is it like working with Keith David as a voice actor?

A: According to many of his collaborators, working with Keith David is a joy and a privilege. He is known for his professionalism, talent, and friendly demeanor on set. He is also highly skilled at taking direction and bringing a script to life.

Q: What advice would Keith David give to aspiring voice actors?

A: Keith David has spoken publicly about the importance of developing your craft as a voice actor and finding your unique voice and style as a performer. He recommends taking acting classes, studying the work of other voice actors, and being persistent and patient in pursuing your career goals.

Q: What sets Keith David apart from other voice actors?

A: Keith David's distinctive voice and dynamic range as a performer set him apart from other voice actors in the industry. He is also highly skilled at conveying emotion and nuance through his voice, and he has a natural charisma and stage presence that makes him a standout performer.