Voice-Over and Video Games

Are you considering a career as a video game voice actor? Adding a human voice to a video game has got to be quite exciting, right? Whether you are a video game lover or not, giving your voice to a video game character seems like an exciting prospect! It will help you take on complex characters and the work will be so much fun! And isn't the video game industry in full bloom?

The gaming world is rapidly growing, and people are adding different elements of AR and VR to make the games as authentic as possible. This also requires more convincing roles from voice actors. There are generally three types of voices needed in video games.

Voice of the Narrator

Video games often require the narration of an on-screen plot or back story.

Voice of the Characters

You could be asked to play the role of the protagonist or antagonist in the game. Several other significant characters require voice-overs as well. This may even include sounds for some animals.

But what do you really need to become a voice-over actor in video games? Let's find out.

1. Confidence

The main characters in a video game, whether it is the protagonist or the antagonist, are shown to have a lot of confidence and composure in their voice when they speak. To display such courageous and strong personalities, you must have a lot of confidence in your voice.

2. Versatility

Being able to do different accents is very important in video games voice-over. This is because you could be asked to do multiple voice roles for additional characters who have some minor parts.

3. Strong Sight-Reading

Voice actors who audition for roles in video games are often asked to perform with a script on the spot. You need to have strong sight-reading skills to perform an unknown script on the spot. This adaptability is required to see if the voice-over actor can go through different moods of the character elegantly.

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