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we will help you gain:

Skill Enhancement: Through expert-led workshops and personalized feedback, you'll refine your voice acting techniques, mastering new skills and enhancing your performances.
Career Growth: Leverage industry connections and exclusive opportunities to advance your career, opening doors to new and exciting projects.
Community Support: Join a vibrant community of voice actors who share tips, support each other, and celebrate successes together.
Professional Exposure: Showcase your talent on our platform and gain visibility among industry professionals, increasing your chances of being noticed and hired.

Unlock Premier Anime Voice Acting Training & Exclusive Opportunities

everything you need to master voice over for anime

Unlock the secrets of voice acting for anime with our monthly membership. When you sign up, you gain access to our voice over courses which are specialised in voice acting for anime. Get the technical chops you need and find voice acting jobs for anime with our expert guidance.

Workshop Vault

Unlock our workshop vault and gain access to our archive of previously recorded anime voice over workshops, which is refreshed monthly.

Voice-Over Workouts

Join our regular voice-over for anime workout group and improve your skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Workshop Discounts

Samurais of Sound Members receive a 30% discount on all of our workshops, helping you save money while investing in your career.

Exclusive Events

Receive access to our exclusive invitation-only online and in-person mixers, where you can network with other anime voice actors and industry professionals.

Samurais of Sound Community Hub

Enjoy free access to the "Samurais of Sound Community Hub," our recurring Q&A workshop with Austin Coffee, our Production Manager, and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Reel Critique / Production

Members are eligible for a voice-over reel critique and receive a 20% discount on our demo reel production packages, helping you create a standout anime voice acting demo reel.

Gear Discounts

Members enjoy exclusive discounts on audio gear from Sweetwater, making it more affordable to set up your home studio.

...and More!

We're always working to add more benefits to our membership, so stay tuned for even more opportunities to grow your voice acting career.

TakE The First Step & Become A Voice Actor For Anime

Our course educators and community are focussed on voice acting for anime, video games and live action role play. Exploring fantasy worlds, and helping you to develop a niche, playing to your strengths and passion for the world of anime voice acting.

Build An Affordable & Simple Anime Voice Over Studio

Did you know that most anime voice actors record in a home studio? Getting set up with the right gear is crucial to meet anime voice over standards, but it doesn’t need to break the bank.

Learn How To Find Anime Voice Acting Jobs & Auditions

From preparing your anime voice over show reel, to mastering auditions to make sure your voice acting shines with confidence, passion and captivates your audience.

Featured Samurai Sensei: Karen Strassman

Karen set out to become a voice actor for anime, television, animated movies and video games, and quickly became one of the top voice talents popular with industry powerhouses from Japan and USA.

Become a member and access Karen’s exclusive course on “How To Launch A Successful Voice Acting Career”, sharing her insights as a successful anime voice actor.

don't miss out on the ultimate voice acting resource vault and community

Struggling to stand out in the saturated world of voice acting? We know that struggle, so we built Samurais of Sound community to give our members the ultimate advantage.

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A personal voice reel critique.
Enjoy 20% off our Demo Reel Production Packages.
Complimentary access to our "Samurais of Sound Community Hub," a session with our Production Manager.
Dive into our archives – access to previously recorded workshops.
Learn from all of our online courses for free.
Role-play with us for free in our Live Role-Play Events.
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A comprehensive voice reel critique.
Benefit from a 20% discount on our Demo Reel Production Packages.
Stay updated with "Samurais of Sound Community Hub," a Q&A with our Production Manager.
Unlimited access to all our previously recorded workshops.
Learn continuously for free with access to all of our online courses.
Free access to our Live Role-Play Events.
And many more exclusive perks!

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From humble beginnings to conquering leading roles – discover the voice-over journeys of our distinguished Samurais of Sound alumni.

So glad I found Strawberry Hill Studio, my new favorite voice over community, where I get to network with professionals and other voice over talents!

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Aude Foisy

Voice Actor

I've learned some very useful things and it's a wonderful break from YouTube. These are college level classes taught by experts. I highly recommend.

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Dorian Lockett

Voice Actor

Other than helping to strengthen our crafts, Strawberry Hill Studio has provided an amazing community of creatives to connect and build relationships with...

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Kristine Reyes

Voice Actor

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Discover the 'Samurais of Sound' Difference in Our Workshops

Dive into our workshops, where we host recognizable industry legends. Whether you're delving into Character & Commercial Voice Over or tuning into Music & Audio Production, every session is a step closer to mastery.

Join The Samurais of Sound!

Samurais of Sound is more than just a voice acting membership and community. With our approach, you'll gain the technical expertise, confidence, connections, and professionalism needed to thrive in the competitive world of voice acting.

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Path of Mastery

Delve deep into voice acting techniques, embracing the focus and precision of a samurai.

Guided by Experts

Our seasoned professionals don't just teach; they mentor, ensuring every voice finds its unique resonance.

Sharpen Your Skills

Like a samurai sharpens his blade, our diverse exercises refine your voice, enhancing its versatility.

A Brotherhood of Sound

More than a school, we're a clan. Connect, collaborate, and grow with fellow Sound Samurais.

Always Battle-Ready

Stay ahead, always. With our insights, you're constantly updated, ensuring you stand tall in the voice-over battlefield.

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Delve into our frequently asked questions to get a clearer picture of your voice-over journey with us.

What is included in the membership?

Our membership includes access to the workshop vault, personal critiques, demo reel production discounts, exclusive events, and  access to our archives and online courses.

Are all of your workshops only available online?

No, we also offer hybrid/in-person workshops to cater to various learning preferences and needs.

What if I can't attend a workshop I registered for?

You will receive a credit to use for any future workshop or course

How do I join a workshop?

Most workshops are conducted via Zoom. Upon registration, you'll receive login details to join from the comfort of your home.

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