The Voice-Over Actor, a four week course in VOICE ACTING AT STRAWBERRY HILL STUDIO!


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March 11, 2024

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PT

In this intensive "on-mic" course, Terry will explain everything you need to know about the voice-over business as he answers your important questions. Get a expert critique of your work and know your personal strengths and weaknesses as a voice actor!




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Meet Your instructors:

Terry McGovern
Legendary voice acting from Ducktales to Transformers.

Terry McGovern is a renowned and iconic figure in the worlds of voice acting and live-action alike, playing roles such as Launchpad McQuack in “Ducktales” and “Darkwing Duck” and Wildrider in “Transformers”.

Here are some credits from


  • Mr. Wolfe (American Graffiti)
  • Lanchpad (Ducktales)
  • Dan Stevens (NFL 2K)
  • Sloan Marlowe (Happy Days)
  • Prof. Bruce Warfel (The A-Team)
  • Henny Penny (Rugrats)
  • Wildrider (Transformers)
  • Jim Coyle (Charlie & Co)

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Get these Amazing Benefits!

Refined Audition Skill
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Perfect your audition technique with guidance from industry experts who understand what casting directors look for. Our workshops focus on enhancing your vocal delivery, emotional expression, and script interpretation, ensuring you stand out in every audition.

Networking Opportunities
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Gain invaluable connections by interacting with voice actors, directors, and producers during our workshops and exclusive events. These networking sessions are designed to expand your professional circle and open doors to new opportunities.

Confidence Building
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Our supportive environment encourages you to take risks and explore new facets of your voice acting abilities. Through practice and positive reinforcement, you'll build the confidence needed to perform under pressure and deliver compelling performances.

Industry Insights
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Stay ahead of industry trends with our workshops that cover the latest in voice-over technology, market demands, and artistic techniques. Learn from the successes and challenges of seasoned professionals to better navigate your career.

Personalized Feedback
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Receive direct and constructive feedback on your performances from experienced voice actors and coaches. This personalized critique focuses on your unique strengths and areas for improvement, helping you evolve your craft.

Effective Self-Direction
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Learn to excel in remote auditions and recordings where self-direction is key. Our workshops equip you with techniques for making strong creative choices, setting up professional-grade recordings at home, and delivering high-quality audio on your own.