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Unlocking the Potential: Top Voice Acting Jobs for 12 Year Olds

As a voice acting trainer, I have seen lots of young people with a passion for acting but struggle to discover opportunities that fit their age. Nonetheless, voice acting opens up several doors for 12-year-olds that want acting. Whether it's animated films, TV shows, video games, commercials, or audiobooks, there are a lot of opportunities for children to display their skills. In this short article, I will review the leading voice acting jobs for 12 year olds, skills required, just how to begin, tips for success, child labor laws, and also resources for locating work.

Introduction to voice acting jobs for 12 year olds

Voice acting is a type of acting that includes using only your voice to bring a personality to life. Unlike typical acting, voice acting requires a variety of skills, such as the ability to communicate feelings through voice, develop different accents and also voices, and also integrate your voice with the personality's motions. Voice acting prevails in animated films, TV shows, video games, commercials, and audiobooks.

Benefits of voice acting for kids

Voice acting offers numerous benefits for kids. First of all, it aids them in establishing their talking skills, including pronunciation, tone, as well as articulation. Secondly, it boosts their creativity and also imagination by bringing personalities to life. Finally, it improves their confidence as they discover to take direction and collaborate with others. Finally, it supplies a pathway for children to go after working as a career.

Skills required for voice acting

Voice acting requires a different set of skills than typical performing. First of all, it needs an excellent talking voice with the capability to convey emotions and create various accents as well as voices. Second of all, it requires a great ear for timing as well as rhythm to integrate your voice with the personality's movements. Finally, it needs the ability to take direction as well as job well with others. Lastly, it calls for creativity as well as imagination to bring personalities to life.

Top voice acting jobs for 12 year olds

There are several voice acting jobs for 12 year olds, including:

Animated Films and TV Shows

Animated films as well as TV shows are one of the most popular voice acting jobs for youngsters. They use numerous chances for children to showcase their talents and bring personalities to life. Voice actors in animated films and TV shows work in recording studios, where they videotape their lines while seeing the computer animated personalities on a screen.

Video Games

Video games are another popular voice acting task for children. They provide several possibilities for kids to display their talents and also bring characters to life. Voice stars in video games work in recording studios, where they record their lines while watching the game's personalities on a display.


Commercials are a superb voice acting job for kids who wish to operate in marketing. They supply numerous opportunities to showcase their talents and also promote items. Voice stars in commercials work in recording studios, where they record their lines while watching the commercial's video clip.


Audiobooks are an excellent voice acting job for children who have a passion for literary works. They supply numerous chances to showcase their talents and also bring personalities to life. Voice actors in audiobooks operate in recording studios, where they read the book aloud and also record their lines.

How to get started in voice acting

Getting started in voice acting calls for a few necessary actions:

Voice Acting Classes

Voice acting courses are an outstanding method to learn the basics of voice acting. They supply a safe and supportive atmosphere to practice your skills as well as receive comments from experienced instructors. Try to find courses that are particularly developed for youngsters.

Demo Reels

Demo reels are a compilation of your ideal voice acting work. They showcase your abilities to possible clients and casting supervisors. It's necessary to have a professional demonstration reel that highlights your toughness and also showcases your special voice.


Auditions play a crucial role in the voice acting industry, providing opportunities to showcase your skills and secure voice acting jobs. When searching for auditions, it's beneficial to look for opportunities specifically designed for young actors. Online voice acting classes can help you practice and refine your skills before auditioning.

Tips for success in voice acting

Below are some tips for success in voice acting:


Practice is vital for success in voice acting. Practice your skills consistently, and also attempt to boost your capabilities with each practice.


Listening is as essential as talking in voice acting. Listen to other voice stars and gain from their strategies and styles.

Take Direction

Taking direction is a vital part of voice acting. Be open to responses and readjust your efficiency to meet the director's vision.

Be Professional

Being professional is critical in voice acting. Constantly appear on time, be prepared, and deal with others with regard.

Child labor laws and regulations for voice acting

Child labor laws and also regulations vary by state and also country. In the USA, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets the minimum age for work at 14 years of age. Nonetheless, there are exceptions for certain markets, consisting of entertainment. For voice acting jobs, child labor laws differ by state and also depend on the sort of job and also hours worked. It's essential to research the child labor laws in your state prior to going after voice acting jobs.

Resources for finding voice acting jobs for 12 year olds

Below are some resources for locating voice acting jobs for 12 year olds:

Casting Calls

Casting telephone calls are an excellent way to find voice acting jobs. Try to find casting telephone calls that are specifically created for kids.

Talent Agencies

Skill agencies can help you find voice acting jobs and provide you with guidance as well as support throughout your career.

Online Marketplaces

On the internet industries, such as Voices.com and Voice123.com, supply many possibilities for voice stars to find jobs.


Voice acting offers lots of chances for 12 years of age to display their talents and also seek their enthusiasm for acting. With the ideal skills, training, and resources, kids can locate success in the voice acting industry. Keep in mind to practice your skills, take direction, as well as be professional. With hard work as well as dedication, you can unlock your potential and also come to be an effective voice actor.


Q: Can 12-year-olds get voice acting jobs?

A: Yes, some voice acting jobs may be available for 12-year-olds. However, it is important to note that the industry can be highly competitive, and parental supervision and support are essential.

Q: What kind of voice acting jobs are available for 12-year-olds?

A: Voice acting jobs for 12-year-olds may include animated TV shows, movies, commercials, video games, and audiobooks. However, it is important to note that child labor laws may apply, and parental consent and supervision are necessary.

Q: Do 12-year-olds need any special training to become a voice actor?

A: While formal training is not necessary, it can be helpful for 12-year-olds to take acting classes and voiceover workshops to develop their skills and techniques. It can also be beneficial for parents to research reputable talent agencies and managers to help guide their child's career.

Q: How can 12-year-olds find voice acting jobs?

A: One way 12-year-olds can find voice acting jobs is by creating a demo reel that showcases their voice and acting abilities. Parents can also research casting calls and auditions on industry websites and social media platforms.

Q: What are some tips for parents of 12-year-olds pursuing voice acting jobs?

A: Some tips for parents of 12-year-olds pursuing voice acting jobs include: providing emotional support and encouragement, researching reputable talent agencies and managers, helping their child create a professional demo reel, and ensuring that their child's safety and well-being are prioritized throughout the process.

Q: How much can 12-year-olds earn from voice acting jobs?

A: Earnings for voice acting jobs can vary widely based on factors such as experience, type of work, and industry demand. However, it is important to note that child labor laws may apply, and earnings may need to be deposited into a trust or other designated account for the child's future use.

Q: What should 12-year-olds expect from the voice acting audition process?

A: 12-year-olds auditioning for voice acting jobs should expect to read from a script or perform a series of voice exercises. It is important for them to take direction well and to bring their own unique style and personality to the audition.

Q: How can 12-year-olds balance their voice acting career with school and other activities?

A: It is important for 12-year-olds to prioritize their education and other activities while pursuing a voice acting career. Parents can work with their child's school and teachers to ensure that their schedule is balanced and manageable, and to prevent burnout or exhaustion.