How to Become a Voice Actor for Audiobooks

career how-to voice-over Jan 29, 2023

So you're thinking about becoming a voice actor for audiobooks, but you're not sure where to begin? Don't worry–we've got you covered. Here is a guide to help you get started with your dream gig.

Audiobook narration is a competitive field, and it may take time and effort to build a steady stream of work. However, with dedication and a strong portfolio, it can be a rewarding career. In this article, we will first look into ways to get started in a career in voice acting, then focus on audiobooks specifically, including the Audible and ACX platforms. Let's get started!

How can I start my voice acting career?

Before we focus on audiobooks specifically, let's talk about getting started in the field of voice acting in general. Starting a voice acting career typically involves the following steps:

  1. Develop your skills: Study voice acting techniques and practice regularly. Take voice acting classes, work on improving your voice and diction, and study scripts to...


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Become a Cartoon Voice Actor

career how-to voice-over Jan 27, 2023


A. Explanation of what a cartoon voice actor is

A cartoon voice actor is a professional entertainer who provides their voice to animated characters in tv programs, films, computer games, as well as other forms of media. They are in charge of bringing animated characters to life via their vocal performances, including dialogue, sound effects, and also singing.

Anime voice actors frequently work in videotaping studios and might team up with various other voice stars, directors, and sound designers to produce the final product. 

B. Importance of cartoon voice actors in the entertainment industry

Cartoon voice stars play an important role in the show business, as they bring animated characters to life as well as help to develop emotional links in between audiences as well as the personalities. The success of an animated program, movie, or video game usually depends on the top quality of the voice acting, and also anime voice actors can make or...


The Top Four Elements of Sound Design

audio Nov 16, 2022

When you look at a video on a digital platform, it is of course the visuals that garner your attention. But the other aspect of the video without which it is incomplete is the audio. The sound that you hear on the screen is not just the dialogue and song, but the subtle sound effects, music, and overall ambiance that help bring the screen elements to life.

In this blog, we are dissecting the top four elements of sound design for you to get a better understanding. But first, let’s take a look at what sound design exactly is. Sound design encompasses everything from recording, editing, mixing, and sampling of audio during the post-production stage of a project.  

A sound designer must be aware of the top 4 sound design elements listed below.

1. Ambiance

The background sound that helps you understand a scene is known as ambiance. For example, if a scene is set in a restaurant, you may be hearing the crinkling of spoons and utensils. Such noises that lay the foundation of...


How Can Audio Mixing and Mastering Help You Land a Job In The Music Industry?

audio career Nov 01, 2022

Mixing and mastering are two very different but unique concepts in audio production. Mixing audio involves combining and adjusting different individual tracks together to create a stereo audio file after mixdown. Mastering, on the other hand, involves polishing the stereo file to ensure that the songs appear cohesively whole on an album. 


Did we confuse you? Allow us to simplify. When you hear great sound in a movie, you don't actually notice it, but when the sound in the movie is bad, you can't help but notice only the sound and not the movie. Giving you good sound either in a movie, a song or any other kind of music production is the work of an audio mixer and master.


Now that you have a rough idea about mixing and mastering, you must be thinking if these skills can help you land a good job in the music industry. The answer is yes, they can! But to be able to make a career in either mixing or mastering audio, you must have some non-negotiable components in your...


5 Frequently Asked Questions About Establishing a Career in the Music Industry

career music Oct 18, 2022


Starting a career in the music industry is not easy. In the 90s, when the Internet was not as accessible as it is today, getting expert advice from veteran people in the music industry was nearly impossible for newbies. 

However, now when information is so accessible, misinformation and misconceptions have flooded the internet. It is more important than ever to find renowned educators and experts in the music industry to get insightful advice and tips.

This blog presents a set of frequently asked questions about establishing a career in the music industry. We have spoken with expert educators and collaborated with successful people in the music industry to bring you the most honest answers to your frequently asked questions. Let’s get started on answering them now!

  1. Can I pursue a career in the music industry while still having a job?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is not simple. Having a backup is a great option for people who...


Voice-Over and Video Games

voice-over May 09, 2022

Are you considering a career as a video game voice actor? Adding a human voice to a video game has got to be quite exciting, right? Whether you are a video game lover or not, giving your voice to a video game character seems like an exciting prospect! It will help you take on complex characters and the work will be so much fun! And isn't the video game industry in full bloom?

The gaming world is rapidly growing, and people are adding different elements of AR and VR to make the games as authentic as possible. This also requires more convincing roles from voice actors. There are generally three types of voices needed in video games.

  • Voice of the Narrator

Video games often require the narration of an on-screen plot or back story. 

  • Voice of the Characters

You could be asked to play the role of the protagonist or antagonist in the game. Several other significant characters require voice-overs as well. This may even include sounds for some animals. 

But what do you...


Get to Know Jamieson Price: A Star in the Voice Over Industry

animation anime voice-over Apr 28, 2022

Today is special! Guess why? We have the utmost pleasure of talking about one of our favorite voice actors on the blog today. But who is it? Well! He is the voice of the iconic Lu Bu from the Dynasty Warriors Series, the voice of Giovanni in Pokemon Origins, and also the voice of the Count of Monte Cristo in Gankutsuou.


With many more such achievements under his hat, Jamieson Price is a class apart when it comes to voice acting. But this is not the only thing he does, Jamieson is also a film and television actor who has worked extensively on stage, screen, and in interactive media.


Jamieson is best known for his deep voice that gives a booming effect and is quite suitable for anime and video games. He has been working in the voiceover industry since 1995 and has given his voice in some very famous anime shows like Naruto and Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo, etc.


Jamieson Price was working in theatre from a very small age. His interest in acting was what...


Career as a Voiceover Artist

career voice-over Sep 07, 2021

Do you want to work as a voiceover artist?

The voiceover industry is expanding all the time. There are various types of voiceover jobs available online. In addition, there are numerous public projects and the option to choose flexible working hours and often work from home—everything you need to thrive during the ongoing pandemic crisis.

If you have a lovely voice, you are only at the start of a long journey into the professional world of voice acting and dubbing.

The ability to choose projects based on your voiceover skillsets, i.e., Some examples include your vocal range and texture and a professional demeanor of the requirements for success in this business.

We have given you all the information you require to begin a career in voiceovers in this concise guide.


  • The unmistakable voice that should not become tired quickly.
  • Excellent observation skills, command of various types of voice modulations.
  • While these are the essential qualities for a VO artist, you can...

Happy Hour with Joshua Seth

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It's Joshua Seth with Raj Ramayya! Don't Miss the Chance! Watch the Happy Hour and enjoy!


Happy Hour with David Whitaker

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Watch Raj and David talk about their previous anime! 


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